Celestial Dream

Drawing inspiration is from the heavenly night sky, the twinkling stars and crescent moon used in this collection capture the wishes, love, and imagination of all those looking upwards. These themes are presented throughout the set, allowing the wearer to feel both gorgeous and peaceful to watching eyes.



This colourful African-inspired collection draws reference from traditional Kitenge fabric patterns. Semi-precious stones and the coloured metal mix are reminiscent of traditional African jewelry. This in combination with the sharp geometric lines captures the features of the Kitenge pattern to produce an exotic style.



The “Perfection” collection invites viewers to acknowledge the message of “imperfect is perfect”. While at first glance the designs which make up this collection look askew, disjointed, or broken, there remains an imbued sense of “defective beauty”. It is a direct contrast to mainstream shapes that can be seen as repetitive and simplistic.


Birthstone Coins

While antique coins and medallions carry a spiritual and protective meaning, this is further enhanced by the personalization aspect of these birthstones. In addition, a corresponding birth-flower also accompanies the precious gemstone, making this delicate 2 sided design an ideal gift, wearable in both ways.



CZ fancy cuttings and colors are incorporated into timeless designs in this continually developing collection. All items possess intricate 360 degree detailing to ensure allure is maintained from any angle. In particular, the feature of pave set rows wrapped around certain edges further elevate the pieces above others.



“WOW~” just scream out what you want to say. Simple and straightforward, these statements have been transformed into jewellery for the ultimate protest message. Snarky and direct, this collection fuels on the burning passion and strictly honest nature of teenagers everywhere.



This collection asks how our lives might differ due to subtle alterations. What changes might occur in your everyday due to switching what you wear? What if your jewellery could change looks on the fly? What new doors will this open up? This collection lets you decide and take back control.



‘Genesis’ represents new beginnings, and with each season of spring, life begins anew from the ground up. Vibrant colors represent the vitality of new growth, while floral vines wrap the gemstones in an organic and delicate way. This collection will resonate well with fans of nature, balance, and the wonders of creation.

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